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    6 Channel Deluxe Power Box 6 Channel Deluxe Power Box


    Size: 6 Outputs 
    Color: White
    Manufactured by: Zeus Electrosex

    Description: The Six Channel Electrosex Power Box is the king of electrosex boxes. It features six outputs, each with its own adjustable intensity. It offers 6 different wave patterns and two frequency knobs for adjusting the frequency on different outputs. It has a timer to control the length of your session. It has so much more. It even has an accupoint detection pen to help you find the best points to stimulate.With the two included adapters this kit can be used with all of our accessories. With a big bag of accessories you can turn this on and hook up a whole party all at once.The included accessories are amazing. It comes with five alligator clip leads, each of which comes with conductive rubber pads that they attach to. That alone allows you to energize five points on your body. It also included ones tens pin lead wire with two adhesive pads. It has three elastic bands for affixing the rubber pads.With all of those accessories, all the features, and all the compatible accessories, this is more of an Electrosex Power Party than a Power Box. While it is accessible to beginners, there's almost no end to the possibilities that this box presents.With all those fun features, you'd think you'd have to worry about constantly replacing the 6 C batteries that it takes to run it, but not with Zeus Electrosex. We include an ac adapter so you can plug it right into a power strip. So you can play all night and all day without worrying about weak batteries diminishing your fun.With Zeus Electrosex your 6 Channel Power Box comes with features not standard in other power boxes, including one AC adapter, for wall plug in.

    Adhesive Silicone Pads Black Adhesive Silicone Pads Black


    Size: Pads are 1.75 inches square, 54 inch long leads
    Color: Black
    Manufactured by: Zeus Electrosex

    Utilize these premium silicone adhesive pads to enhance your electrosex experience with your partner. These pads offer high quality electro-stimulation and excellent conductive qualities. Each package contains one par of pads to be used with a power box.

    Clitoral Excitement And Enhancement System Clitoral Excitement And Enhancement System


    Color: Black
    Manufactured by: Zeus Electrosex

     This clit excitement kit is really everything you need for enhanced clit pleasure. It includes a reliable pump, a micro clit vibe, and three clit cylinders in different sizes. The different sizes of clit cylinders allow different sensations as they apply the vacuum across different areas. This provides for a more focused or more spread out sensation. They also stay vacuum tight even after the pump is disconnected, so you can leave them on for extended periods without having the pump in the way. As an added bonus, the Size Matters Enlarger Clitoris Excitement System can actually lead to permanent enlargement of the clit. If that's your objective, you need only use it on a regular schedule. The best part is that the immediate effects of the Clitoris Excitement System will make you want to use it regularly.

    Kit includes: Clit pump, 3 pumping cylinders, quick release valve, and bonus vibrator.


    Electro Precision Wand Electro Precision Wand


    Color: Black
    Manufactured by: Zeus Electrosex

    Description: The Zeus Electrosex precision wand is a versatile tool for both men and women. Its flexible feelers can be shaped to contour any part of the body you want to stimulate. For him, try sliding the feelers up and down his shaft using a deep pulsation. For her, try tantalizing and teasing the labia or clitoris. This wand can be sculpted any way you want, and can be used anywhere you want. The pleasure is electrifying! Included are lead wires that fit all Zeus power boxes.

    Zeus Beginner Electrosex Kit Zeus Beginner Electrosex Kit


    Size: Assorted
    Color: As Pictured
    Batteries: 9 Volt

    Description:The Beginner Electrosex Kit is the perfect package to get started in electrosex. It's simple, portable, and comes with all the attachments one needs to start. It's easy to adjust the pulse amplitude, rate, and intensity with the dials. It has two outputs, each capable of different intensities. With the two included tens pin lead wires, four sticky pads, and bonus Electrosex Clamps, you can get started the moment you open the package.

    Once a user has reached the limitations of the included attachments, they can plug in any other Zeus Electrosex accessories and open themselves up to whole new dimensions of pleasure.

    Zeus Deluxe Digital Power Box Zeus Deluxe Digital Power Box


    Size: Assorted
    Color: Silver
    Batteries: 3 AAA

    Description: The Deluxe Digital Power Box is a great toy for beginners. It features two channels with adjustable intensity, seven preset routines, a timer, and a digital display. It has plenty of power, enough for even the most intense user. The complex preset routines really make it stand out, as they offer very unique sensations

    It comes with two snap clip leads and four extra large adhesive pads. It's also compatible with any of our bipolar accessories. Just pop them out of the box and hook them up for new and exciting sensations.

    Kit Includes:  Digital Power Box, 4 Premium adhesive pads (sets of 2), 2 Lead wires, 3 AAA Batteries, and a Manual. 

    Zeus Electro Sex Gel Zeus Electro Sex Gel


    Size: 4 ounces
    Manufactured by: Zeus Electrosex

    Description: Zeus Electrosex Gel acts as a conductive applicator that amplifies the benefits and sensations of your favorite electrosex products. Apply it to the area of the body where you will be using your e-stim toys for a more intense experience.

    Zeus Electrosex Bullet Zeus Electrosex Bullet


    Size: 2.25" x 1"
    Manufactured by: Zeus Electrosex

    Description: Step up to the next level of bullet pleasure with the Zeus Electro Bullet. Made to work with all Zeus Power Boxes, this bullet will take you on a whole new ride. Once plugged into a power box unit, place this bullet in your anus and it will send pleasurable currents to that area. Sensations can be controlled by you, giving you ultimate control for mild or intense pleasure flow.

    Zeus Electrosex Clamps Zeus Electrosex Clamps


    Size: Adjustable
    Color: Black

    Description: These brilliant little toys make trying different electrosex contact points so easy. What's more they're gentle, but firm, making it easy to clip them on to sensitive spots without unnecessary pinching. This makes them great to find the perfect contact point on either male or female genitals.

    For more fun, one of the clamps to can be removed and replaced with a sticky pad or other Zeus Electrosex accessory.

    Zeus Palm Powerbox 6 Modes Zeus Palm Powerbox 6 Modes


    Size: Controller 3" long and 2.38" wide, pads 1.88" square, Lead wires 55" long
    Color: Silver w/ White Pads
    Batteries: Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
    Manufactured by: Zeus Electrosex

    Description: Electrosex works by running a gentle current through the body, exciting nerves and muscles along the way, essentially making your body pulse and vibrate. The Palm Power Box is a great way to get started, with 6 modes and multiple levels of intensity. It is compatible with all Zeus Electrosex accessories and the included pads are great for experimenting with Electrosex.

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